1. I love me  a daybed in the kitchen.

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  3. Lovely arched wood ceiling. Not a white room, but sorta close.

    (source: http://hicarquitectura.com/2014/04/sarrablo-y-colom-ampliacion-hipica-la-llena/)

  4. Bailey House (Case Study House #21) — Pierre Koenig (1959)

    Fotografiada por Julius Shulman. Los Angeles, California.

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  11. You have to like a giant red sofa.

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  13. Another not-really-white, white room.

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  14. Ok, it is barely , just sorta white. Kinda almost. But you have to love the heavy-weight stainless mega-kitchen wall. Grrrrrr! I like the polished concrete wall too.

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